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Water world

1.59 usd

A world covered with water with giant trees rising from the deep. Enjoy the fully animated scenery with rolling ocean waves, flying birds and occasional rains.Visit us on Facebook - us on Twitter -
Wallpaper features:---------------------------- Realistic day time transitions. (Day time is calculated based on your true location using GPS/GLONASS service or can be set manually);- Realistic rain effects (does NOT use real weather data);- Quality HD artwork;- Different sky appearance;- Various additional elements;- Gyro 3D (3D parallax) effect. (REQUIRES GYROSCOPE);
Device features:----------------------- Full support for phones and tablets (portrait and landscape orientation);- Efficient battery consumption. The wallpaper is rendered only when it is really visible;- An ability to limit the number of frames per second to prolong battery life;- Requires OpenGL ES 2.0.